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'Chotie', my mother, kept every letter from her sweetheart Richard ('Dicker') Williams - they tell their story of World War 2 in the time that it happened, 80 years ago.


As Chotie's daughter I inherited her most precious possessions - her letters from Dicker. I have copied these out, edited them very slightly (punctuation, etc) and been fascinated by the story they tell . Adding family photos and research findings from World War 2, particularly about Dorset where Chotie lived, I hope they will be one day be published as a book. In the meantime this blog shares them with you 70 years after they were written.

Please note that as a literary work of known authorship, NOT published before 1st August 1989, and where the author died before 1969, all posts are subject to copyright which will not expire until 31st December 2040.


the Home Front, WW2 in Dorset, Intelligence, 6th Dorset Regiment, 70th Dorset Regiment, 1st Air Landing Squadron, 43rd Reconnaissance Regiment, OCTU, 61st Reconnaissance Regiment, 52nd (Lowlands) Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, Battle of Normandy, Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of the Rhineland, the Rhine Crossing, Women’s Land Army in Purbeck, ATS Anti-Aircraft, Royal Artillery,